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Kate Weisel book production

Book Production

I've had a hand in the production of hundreds of books over the years—many with authors publishing their own book. I also worked happily with editors. I have acted as typesetter on all these books, either working with the author or an editor.
Stack of books typeset by Kate Weisel
Many of the books are available from the author, at bookstores, at Amazon or other online venues.
Scroll down to see books...
The Donovan Diaries

The Donovan Diaries. ISBN: 978-0-9635841-9-9.
John Joseph Donovan was a man born of common clay who lived the American dream, rising to great heights of achievement, wealth, and community affection. Donovan lived a storied life illuminated in this fascinating book by the discovery of his diaries long hidden in an old steamer trunk in Sag Harbor, New York.

This early American story reveals the remarkable life of the son of Irish immigrants. After fleeing the Irish potato famine, his family established a New England farm where JJ grew up and succeeded in the long journey to a college education. He then earned a civil engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and was hired by the Northern Pacific Railroad to advance the line across the plains and over the Cascade mountains to the Salish Sea. Later in his career he facilitated the rise of a city and new industries on Bellingham Bay. Donovan was a man suited to the challenges and opportunities of his times, but equally important, he was an honest man of immense character, determination, and skill who left a legacy of civic accomplishment.

This is also a great love story, an Irish Catholic boy and a New England Puritan girl struggling to overcome their religious and social differences. While the book is listed on Amazon, it is available in Bellingham and Lynden at Village Books, or directly from
Milt's Trails to 90

Milt's Trails to 90: 1929-2019 — Milton's latest book on his life, this one for his grandchildren. Life and career memoir by Milton Lee Pritchard Snyder, PhD.
Visit the author's website.
The Paint of Invention

The Paint of Invention by the artist Jack Priest. Discover The Vast Understanding You Possess. Invent The Inconceivable. Know The Power To Create Is In Your Grasp. Order the book.
In My Imaginary Garden

In My Imaginary Garden by Gene G. Bradbury. Children can explore the garden and meet 12 creatures illustrated by Heather Andrews. Visit his site to order the book.
Duck in the Truck

Duck In The Truck. Meet the lullaby-singing duck, illustrated by Jean Wyatt. Visit his site to order the book.
Rap-Shaw History

The History of the Rap-Shaw Club: 1896 until 1958.. Edward L. Pitts compiled this history of the upstate New York wilderness club.
Yoga For Ageless Seniors

Yoga For Ageless Seniors: Daily Prescriptions for Increasing Strength, Balance & Resilience is an inspirational, practical and fun way to add simple yoga techniques to your life. It offers ideas about designing your life so that you increase your strength, balance and resilience. This motivating book is based on five powerful yoga techniques that you can do anytime and anywhere. order the book.
The Bearmouth: A Collection of Hunting Tales

The Bearmouth: A Collection of Hunting Tales. Brian Rae wrote these stories to relate and preserve memories of personal hunts in and around Bearmouth, Montana, as well as hunting stories others shared with him over the years. In time, hunting experiences in this incredible wilderness may not be possible to ordinary hunters like me, as wealthy landowners erect fences, developers build structures, and the changing climate affects habitat. order the book.
Return to the Motherland: My Journey to Find the Truth

Return to the Motherland: My Journey to Find the Truth portrays the author's life in war-torn South Korea, where he and his family struggled to survive after his father was captured by the North Koreans in 1950. Later emigrating to the United States, Mr. Choi tells the story of his climb to success in America with the help of family, friends, and angels. He would become one of the nation's largest exporters of recycled fiber materials. order the book.
Along The Way: My Journey With Horses

Along The Way: My Journey With Horses. "When we climb onto a horse's back, we are no longer just a two-legged being, responsible only for ourselves. Immediately we affect another being, our horse. As riders, we are the direct cause of our horse's ability to be balanced or not balanced; to be comfortable or not; able to perform, or not able. So it is up to us to be conscious of our own balance, attitude and agenda. This is the fair and honest way to a true partnership." - Karen Irland. Available soon.
Reflections, A Retrospective

REFLECTIONS: A Retrospective — What I Have Seen, What I Have Learned, What You Might Like to Know, and a Life Well Spent. Life and career memoir by Milton Lee Pritchard Snyder, PhD.
Visit the author's website.
Unhappy Patients

Unhappy Patients A Look at Dental Patients' Complaints About Their Dental Care by Curt Smith, DDS, FACD, FICD.
Putting the Chickens to Bed

Putting the Chickens to Bed, by Nick and Ellie Cross. A family can't sleep because the chickens can't sleep in this thrilling mystery for all ages.
Finding Vera

Finding Vera, by Kerry Clair is based on true events, but is the fictionalized story of a beautiful, intelligent, and sensitive German shepherd. After a difficult beginning, Vera's life spins out of control as she struggles to cope with her new family: two adult humans and two well-socialized, mature dogs who view her as the uncivilized punk sister. This is a story filled with anguish, joy, pain, and humor as the complexity of Vera's character is slowly revealed. Like a phoenix, she emerges triumphant.
Medals, Medallions, and Reliefs

Coming soon! Medals, Medallions, and Reliefs Created by Avard T. Fairbanks. Award T. Fairbanks created many dozens of medals, medallions and reliefs during his long career. This book illustrates the diversity of his work, and includes additional instructional information about creating them. 8.5x11 inches, 152 pages, paperback. More than 150 photos and illustrations. This book joins the nine previous books about the artist by his son, Eugene F. Fairbanks (age 97). Visit the author's website.
Silicon Valley Stories, The Only Girl in the Room

Silicon Valley Stories, The Only Girl in the Room. An inside look at what it's like for women in today's high-tech environment from the author of 'The Office Zoo'. Follow one woman's adventures in the boyvilles of computer support, from her first only-girl job in the late 1970s to her latest only-girl job in 2017, and get a then-and-now comparison of sexism in Silicon Valley. Also available as ebook. Click to see the book.
A Place-Based Guide to Wonder

A Place-Based Guide to Wonder. What happens when a field guide includes the human heart and mind as an essential part of the Place? Like any good wander, Matthew Fogarty's book roams through many different landscapes: from earth living skills to the leading edges of psychology, from personal reflections to revelations of the brilliance of other life forms. 6x9 inches, 302 pages. Also available as ebook. Visit the author's website to order the book.
adventures of a young sculptor
Adventures of a Young Sculptor: The Development and Early Life of Avard T. Fairbanks, a 20th Century American Sculptor from Recorded Memories of His Youth, presented by Eugene F. Fairbanks, a son. Fairbanks was at that cusp of civilizations and artistic philosophies that saw modernism competing with realism, war overriding peace. He worked continually to promote realistic sculpture and peace. This book explores the early life of Avard T. Fairbanks, including the development of his professional career as a sculptor. About 150 photos. 330 pages. This book joins the eight previous books about the artist by his son, the author.
ISBN-13: 978-1979143981. Visit the author's website.
Dire Wolf Alliance
The Dire Wolf Alliance: A Native American Saga. This young adult story, told by her spirits Baasee' and Grandfather Kwaiikit, helps Deloo, the protagonist of Phyllis Fast's two earlier books, 'Half-Bead of Fundy' and 'Midnight Trauma', come to grips with her own recent widowhood.
"Go where?" Ping asked Chebucto. "You've been banished twice. You have nowhere to go." Growing up, no matter the era or place, can be terrifying. Chebucto understood what the medicine man told him to do, but couldn't do it himself on the ancient northeastern coast of North America. Visit the author's website.
Problems in Elementary Reactor Physics
I was typesetter for the interior, not the cover. Problems in Elementary Reactor Physics, with Solutions. Authors: Eleodor M. Nichita, Benjamin Rouben. 2017. This collection of problems is intended primarily for undergraduate students studying reactor physics. Published by the American Nuclear Society, La Grange Park, IL USA.
ISBN: 978-0-89448-462-9. ANS Order Number: 350027.
90 Degrees to Zamboanga
90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana Smuggling Adventure. Lively memoir (in novel form) takes us back to the 1970s and '80s. Fast paced action and plenty of greed. Cover graphics and logos by Lauren Taylor of LT Design Co. Available as print and ebook at Amazon.
Fergus and the Day Before Christmas
Fergus and the Day Before Christmas is the fifth book of Fergus's adventures by author Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. Come and help Fergus and his friends load Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. The time is short and the job must be done in one day. Can all the presents be carried from Santa's workshop in time for Christmas? Visit the author's website.
Kitten Kitty Reads a Book
Kitten Kitty Reads a Book invites children to sit on a parent's lap and read a favorite storybook. But what happens when the doorbell rings? When kittens line up outside with their favorite books, will there be room for one kitten more? Beautifully illustrated by Jean Wyatt, children will love to hear the doorbell ring. This is the second children's book written by Gene G. Bradbury and illustrated by Jean Wyatt. If you enjoy this, look for "When Crickets Snore".
Visit the author's website.
Yah's Wild Gift of Imagination
Yah's Wild Gift of Imagination begins in the swirl of darkness. But the light of Yah's wonderful and surprising imagination brings colorful life to the universe. You will marvel at the creepy-crawly things, the flying-whirly things, and the beautiful gifts created in Yah's workshop. Enjoy the wonderful imagination and illustrations by artist Roxanne Grinstad. Visit the author's website.
A Crow's Story
Beulah, A Crow's Story. Beulah Was an orphaned baby crow from San Juan Island, found and raised by the author and his sister when they were children. Brian L. Griffin shares his fond memories of Beulah and what she taught him about the consequences of actions, the intelligence of crows, and the bond of love and affection that can grow between very different members of the animal kingdom. From Mason Bees to Crows, from bees to birds, this nationally recognized naturalist brings you a charming story of his childhood memories of Beulah the Crow. Illustrations are by prominent artist David W. Miller. Purchase the book.
Postcards from the San Juan Islands
Postcard from the San Juan Islands. Hazel sends her grandchildren a postcard from the San Juan Islands in Washington State, along the way the postcard has its own adventures. This book joins Barbara Clark's three other children's books. Click to order the book.
Uncle Bob and Mad Dog: Hunts in the Bearmouth
Uncle Bob and Mad Dog: Hunts in the Bearmouth. Memoir. This collection of short stories reflects the author's memories of events dating back to 1971, some 46 years ago. They relate and preserve the unique hunts Bob and I shared together in the Bearmouth over the years, provide a flavor of our conversations, and convey how much I learned about hunting and horses from Bob.
U.S. Fast Burst Reactors, Design and Operational History
I was typesetter for the interior, not the cover. U.S. Fast Burst Reactors, Design and Operational History. Author: Theodore R. Schmidt. Published by the American Nuclear Society, La Grange Park, IL USA. 2017, 1st Edition, 334 pages. ISBN: 978-0-89448-580-0. ANS Order Number: 300037
4th grade stories
Social Studies Journal Entry Project. Essays written by students as they pretend they were there at important points in history. Mrs. Weinert's and Mrs Stokes' 4th grade classes at St. Pauls Academy, Bellingham, Washington. Funded by a proud grandmother.
Harvesting First Lines, Poetry

Harvesting First Lines in Fiction. The first lines of any book invite the reader to read further. First lines move us to ask: What is going to happen next? Is this a book I want to read? Is this an author with whom I wish to spend time? The poetry that follows each first line is Gene Bradbury's response to the author's first words. Creativity, insightful pondering and kindness all add to the charm of his poetry. Visit the author's website.
middle grades stories

Short Stories Under Four Feet. All the stories for middle grade readers are short enough to read before going to sleep. None of them are over four pages and can slip easily under a pillow or on a dresser or table. Put on your pajamas and find out how a tree becomes the universe and how a dog, called Lion, brings chaos to the kitchen. Perhaps you would rather read about dancing with Orcas or making pretzels. Another book by Gene Bradbury. Visit the author's website.

Exploring New Europe: A Bicycle Journey. Barry D. Wood is an economics journalist in Washington, DC. For three years in the 1990s, as the Voice of America correspondent in Prague, he wrote extensively about the transition from communism to democracy and market economies in Central and Eastern Europe. This book shares his experiences riding his bicycle through the New Europe. More info.
nuclear reactor safety

Experimental technical bases for evaluating vapor/steam explosions in nuclear reactor safety. Hans K. Fauske and Robert E. Henry. Includes bibliographical references and index. Published by the American Nuclear Society, La Grange Park, Illinois USA. Description: La Grange Park, IL, USA. LCCN 2017000700. ISBN 9780894480461 (hardcover).
Private Journal Anna Maria Coleman Parker

Private Journal Anna Maria Coleman Parker. May 30 to July 19, 1848. The journal of a 21-year-old woman, a day-by-day record of a prodigious and trying journey, by means of the difficult and inconvenient transportation of the times, touching ten states, written during a westward journey of six weeks, with her husband of less than a year. The current version is a direct transcription of the original manuscript, by Peter Willing, a descendant. Queries.
Radiant, The Dolores Jean Gibbons Story

Radiant, The Dolores Jean Gibbons Story. By Milton Lee Pritchard Snyder PhD. Dolores Jean Gibbons' educational administration career has been remarkable. This book was developed for the historical record of her many accomplishments in education and her personal history. Evolving civilizations understand and demand more gender equality, and that women and males can be equally competent in the world of management and leadership in the highest local, national and international positions. More info.

Nooksack. Bellingham author Rick Hermann describes possible worlds accessible through a collection of writings in poetry and prose, discovering in each moment "an arid sense of optimism," irony and humor, and an abiding predisposition to survive. Purchase the book.

Underway on Nuclear Power, The Man Behind the Words, Eugene P. "Dennis" Wilkinson, Vice Admiral USN. A detailed biography by Ann Marie Daniel Winters. Published by the American Nuclear Society, La Grange Park, Illinois USA. ISBN: 978-0-89448-582-4. Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 2016035454. ANS Order Number: 690096.
This Old Building, Bellingham, WA

This Old Building, by Robert K. Hall, is the essential guide for first-time restorers and a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our American cities. order the book.
Creating Egalitarian Relationships

Don't Tell Me What To Do... Ask Me! Creating Egalitarian Relationships from a Gestalt Perspective. The second book by Cyndy Sheldon, MSW. For those who want an Egalitarian Relationship rather than a Hierarchical, or Authoritarian one, regardless of how benevolent it might be. For the general public as well as teachers, therapists, facilitators and trainers. Paperback Visit her website for more information.
Postcard from Kauai

Postcard from Kauai. Another beautifully illustrated book by Barbara Clark. Hazel sends her grandchildren a postcard from Kauai, along the way the postcard has its own adventures. Suitable to be read to preschoolers, older children up to 10 will be interested to read it. Click to order the book.

Postcard from the Pasayten Wilderness. Written and illustrated by Barbara Clark. Another postcard goes on an adventure, the illustrations are vital and show the wild inhabitants of the area. Click to order the book.
Brella and Her Umbrella

Brella and Her Umbrella. Story and illustrations by Phyllis Ann Fast. Fiction / Native American & Aboriginal. Little Brella gets lost and is helped along home by her spirit guide. More info.
Native Alaska fiction

Tepi, the Girl Who Helped the Deer. Story and illustrations by Phyllis Ann Fast. Fiction / Native American & Aboriginal. Tepi finds herself in communication with a deer spirit who wants her to go into the forest and help an injured deer in need. This is the story of how Tepi found her calling. More info.
Phyllis Fast

Half-Bead of Fundy: a Native American Mystery. Fiction. 1st in the Athabascan Mystery series by Phyllis Ann Fast. Deloo had always welcomed the pull of a myriad of oddball spirits. But Deloo wasn't used to spirit guides like Baasee', and the crazy people following her didn't know or care. They wanted her beaded jacket at any cost. It was up to Alaska Native, Deloo Goode, to figure out what was so important about her mother's beading, or else be killed like the innkeeper at the Secret Spirit Inn. Paperback and ebook. More info.
Phyllis Fast

Midnight Trauma: Sequel to "Half-Bead of Fundy." 2nd in the Athabascan Mystery series by Phyllis Ann Fast. Someone has killed a teenager at a bead shop in remote Fairbanks, Alaska. The owner is missing and the shop keeps getting broken into. Deloo Goode and her mother try to unravel the mysteries. Luckily, Deloo has an invisible weapon: her playful spirit guide Baasee'. Will they force the murderer into the open? Can they untangle the clues and surprises before anyone else gets hurt? Paperback and ebook. Website.
A Place to Call Home Again

A Place To Call Home Again. Five elderly friends join together and form a tontine, before moving to Washington state from Chicago. This charming book gives us their adventures and insights. Fiction.order the book.
A Disconcerting Concert

A Disconcerting Concert. Richard Howland, fiction: A college student is killed soon after serving as a page turner for a pianist at a classical concert held incongruously in a motorcycle shop in Bellingham, WA. Paperback and ebook. Available online and his e-store.
Love's Last Measure

Love's Last Measure: Lessons Learned at Death's Door. If we live in fear, we will probably die in fear. The Artist and the Chef, Mike and Anne Mikkelsen from "Take Charge of Parkinson's Disease" conclude their 30-year journey with Parkinson's. Having recognized a new and powerful tenderness, Mike prepares for his ultimate adventure with the same creativity he demonstrated all his life. Paperback and ebook. Available at bookstores, and here.
Fairhaven, a History

Fairhaven, a History. Brian Griffin's Fairhaven, Washington — from the glaciers to today — the places, the participants, and the grand possibilities. The complete history of that most southerly community on Bellingham Bay, one of the four original towns that were consolidated in 1904 to become the present City of Bellingham. Available at local bookstores and online.
Bedtime Stories to Make You Smile

Bedtime Stories To Make You Smile is part of a series of bedtime books for young children. In this collection of seven stories the intent is to bring a smile to the reader and send them to sleep with happy dreams. Stories by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Hannah Bradbury. Visit his website.
When Crickets Snore

When Crickets Snore is a delightful look at the private life of those singing crickets. Do they really snore? Story by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Jean Wyatt. Visit his website.
Fergus of 221B Baker Street

Fergus of 221B Baker Street and the Case of Hickory, Dickory, Dock. Story by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. Fergus, the adventuresome mouse, visits his uncle in England who lives behind the walls of the very house where Sherlock Holmes lives. Visit his website.
The King's Butterfly

The King's Butterfly. Story by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. The King's Butterfly invites children to enjoy and respect the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. When the King and Queen capture the butterfly to keep it for a royal pet, they soon find out that a butterfly is meant to fly free. Visit his website.
Milly the Mouse and Morton the Mole

Milly the Mouse and Morton the Mole. A fun coloring book by Donna Washington, author of 'The Mouse, the Mole, and the Magnificent Moss-Covered House', a read forward and backward book.

The Third Battle of Manassas: Managing Change and Growth . Milton L. Snyder, PhD, served Prince William County, Virginia as Division Superintendent of Schools from 1973 to 1977 during a period of dynamic population growth and political upheaval which impacted both the governance and management of the school system. Available at Amazon.
Walking on Water book

Walking on Water. Poems by Gene Bradbury. Visit his website.

Even the Smallest Bird Casts a Shadow: Poems. Valerie Marie Leslie has unlocked the vault to her scantly illuminated adolescent mind, self-sabotaging attitude, and surrendered adulthood through her coherently random own words; poems that could be construed as diary entries, lyrics to songs, and unfinished business. Available here and at Amazon and as an ebook.
5000 Brothers-in-Law, Love in Angola Prison

Five Thousand Brothers-in-Law, Love in Angola Prison, Shannon Hager. An inside look at an unjust system disguised as justice. With more than two million people in the United States in some kind of penal system, lots of us have relationships with folks who are locked up. Available at Amazon.
ABCs of Caregiving, part 2

The ABCs of Caregiving, Part 2. Sociologist and advocate, Nanette Davis, PhD, gives us a shoulder to rest on and concrete tools to go the distance as caregivers. Her writing inspires and encourages as she provides us with a plethora of specific ideas and resources. Available at Amazon as print and ebook.
On Silver Wings

On Silver Wings, a Life Reconstructed. Kristin Noreen tells her story of resilience with grace and humor, the will to regain strength, and the freedom of movement. The ultimate challenge is not giving up when things are at their worst. Available at Village Books and other retailers.
Let Me Be Your Servant

Let Me Be Your Servant. Another great book by Gene G. Bradbury. A quote, an experience, and then reflections. Available at Amazon.
Spy thriller with a golf twist

Tour of Deception, by Dennis Broderick. In 2028 golf has taken over soccer as a spectator sport. Hi-tech reigns. Fast paced, espionage tale with a focus on golf Majors. At Amazon and Kindle.
The Great Symmetry

The Great Symmetry. Science fiction novel, by James R. Wells, great-grandson of H.G. Wells. Thoughtful story related to many of today's issues. Available at booksellers and as an ebook. Order the book.
Mentor/mentee journals benefit both

Table 13 Journals. A Story of Teen Survival and Transformation. Miles Harrison and Ted O'Toole. A must-read for teens and anyone who has ever loved a teen during times of difficulty. No easy answers. Through journal entries, it chronicles a path of openness, honesty, respect. Available at Amazon.
Coming of age story

Cruce by Brian Rae. Spokane, WA: summer of 1967. Graduating from Gonzaga University, Bill is committed to joining the Jesuits. He returns to his summer job at Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works smelter to pay off his college loan. An alluring young woman introduces him to pleasures he's never imagined; now he must rethink everything. Learn more about the book.
Christmas book

Morgan Carey and The Mystery of the Christmas Fairies. Author Susan Colleen Browne asked me to do the cover for this ebook available from Kindle.
The Mouse, The Mole

The Mouse, The Mole, and the Magnificent Moss-Covered House. Stirling C., author; and Donna Washington, illustrator. A read backward and forward book.
Elderly avoidance of financial exploitation

How To Steal from Mom. A Wake up Call for Seniors, A Banker's Hornbook on the Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults, by George Francis Edward. Available through Village Books. I was contracted to design the cover.

The Time of My Life, a Memoir by René Claringbould. Eternity is the past, present and future all together. Produced and printed for family members.
Francis Drake discovered Bellingham Bay

Port of the Dragon. The Lost Harbor of Sir Francis Drake. Did Drake discover Bellingham Bay? The 430-year-old mystery of where English privateer Francis Drake landed on the Northwest Coast of America involves a case of deceit: a cover-up took place from the start and was renewed again 200 years later. Order the book.
Creating a Statuette

Creating a Statuette, Avard T. Fairbanks' Method. For students and serious amateurs in their endeavors. Avard Fairbanks' statuettes Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess and Smoke Signal were photographed as a systematic process, explanations are included, stressing the elements of design and anatomy. 192 illustrations and photos. Click to order the book.
Christmas Story

A Sculptor's Christmas Story. Avard T. Fairbanks' Spirit of Christmas Through the Years, relates some of the interesting events of the personal life of Avard T. Fairbanks, including the caring aspects of personal life in contrast to the professional demands of the sculptor. Click to order the book.
Christmas story by Gene Bradbury

The Star Tree, A Christmas Bedtime Story. by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. The Star Tree invites children to look for Christmas in the natural world. Order the book.
Rob Lopresti mysteries

Shanks on Crime. by Robert Lopresti, mystery short stories. Click to purchase the book.
Sauntering with Thoreau

Sauntering with Thoreau. Poems by Gene G. Bradbury. Click to learn more.
Richard Howland mystery

Yew Rock. by Richard S. Howland. Yew Rock Mobile Home Park was a quiet place for aging baby boomers to live—until Charlotte Bauer died in an arson fire. She had plenty of enemies. Click here to order the book.

Nuclear Power High-Level Waste and Severe Accidents, Two Critical Areas Needing Resolution . by Salomon Levy.
Steven Windell

Transcending the Gordian Knot, A Boating Adventure with a Father-Son Rite of Passage, by Steve Windell. The story of a father and his teenage son in their Rite of Passage voyage from Seattle, Washington to Glacier Bay, Alaska, in an open 19.5-foot motorboat. 2,400 miles in 24 days. Included are Windell's photos. Click here to learn more.
The Book of Id

The Book of Id by Linda Hirsh. engaging poetry and beautifully complex glass mosaics. Visit author's website to see some of them, and order the book.
Faces From a Broken Star

Faces From a Broken Star, short stories by Gene G. Bradbury. There was a time when traveling across country one might pull into any small town in America and find a mom and pop cafe. Today, they are largely gone. In these stories you're invited to meet the regulars at the Broken Star Cafe. Order the book.
Quiet Places, Morning Walks

Quiet Places, Morning Walks. Notes between Secular and Sacred. Poems by Gene G. Bradbury. While we are all in some sense spiritual people, we live in the physical world. These meditations are an attempt to find the meeting ground between the two worlds in the hope that they might speak to the reality of the one and our need for the other. Purchase the book.
A Critical Path

A Critical Path. The Quest to Restore and Protect Liberty Lake by the Community of Liberty Lake, Washington, the Washington State Department of Ecology, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Farmers Home Administration. A Chronicle and Personal Remembrance of the Liberty Lake Sewer District #1, Spokane County, Washington from 1973 to 1993. by Susan Kaun, District Manager, 1976-1990. enquiries.
A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea. A charming book of Lynne's poetry. by Lynne Masland, order the ebook or book.
Fergus of Lighthouse Island

Fergus of Lighthouse Island. Another children's book by Gene Bradbury. Fergus the mouse saves the day when a storm approaches. Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. Order the book.
The Office Zoo, Lee Wellington

The Office Zoo. A guide to survival at the bottom of the hierarchy in today's high-tech workplace. by Lee Wellington. Available at Amazon and Kindle, or purchase through Amazon.
Morgan Carey and the Curse of the Corpse Bride, Susan Browne

Morgan Carey and the Curse of the Corpse Bride, by Susan Colleen Browne. Available at Kindle and Amazon.
Life Organizer, Personal Magick, Joel Brown

Life Organizer, Personal Magick. available at the author's website and
Cloud Climber, Gene Bradbury

Cloud Climber. by Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Hannah Bradbury. Juvenile Fiction/General. Visit the author's website.
Postcard from South Africa

Postcard from South Africa. Author and Illustrator Barbara Clark uses line drawings and watercolor to tell the story: Hazel sends her granddaughter a postcard from South Africa, along the way the postcard has its own adventures. Order the book.
JJ Donovan story

Treasures from the Trunk, The JJ Donovan story. 150 page catalog for the Whatcom Museum exhibit at Old City Hall. Curated by Brian Griffin. Visit Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, Washington.
Traveling in Company, Gene Bradbury

Traveling in Company. 4th book from Gene G. Bradbury, but his first book of poetry... Click to learn more.
Creating a Portrait in Sculpture

Creating a Portrait in Sculpture. featuring George Washington sculptures created by Avard T. Fairbanks. More than 150 photos showing each step of modeling process. Chapters on human proportions and anatomy for portrait artists. Includes more than 40 other portraits of individuals done by Avard Fairbanks.Visit the author's website.
Sculpture Garden of Fantasy

Sculpture Garden of Fantasy. The imaginative fantasy garden sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks. (Second edition, revised and redesigned in 2013). This book features the fantasy sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks and some of his students. During spare moments in the practice of medicine, Eugene composed poetry to complement his father's fantasy sculpture. Each sculpture has accompanying poem and background information. Visit the author's website.
Christey memoir

A Memoir for my Daughter. A personal memoir collaboration with Memoir Crafters. A limited edition was printed for friends and family. If you need help with your memoir, contact Sara Geballe.
Christey memoir

Remembered Shards of a Kaleidoscopic Life. Another personal memoir collaboration with Memoir Crafters. Limited number of books printed for friends and family.
Divine Immunity

Divine Immunity, a pandemic, a conspiracy, a calling. Medical thriller set in the Pacific Northwest by W. David Jones. Serene island life is upset when the pastor's blood is found to cure the virus causing worldwide pandemic. Order the book: Kindle version, paperback edition.
Better Off Dead

I only produced the cover.. The book by first-time author William Dilbeck is available at Village Books.
It Only Takes Once, Susan Colleen Browne

It Only Takes Once, a Village of Ballydara novel. Dublin single mom Aislin Moore decides her daddy-hungry son Kevin has been without a father long enough. So she follows the mad impulse to find the perfect father figure for her little boy... who else but Ben Carpenter, her first love and the man she's never forgotten? Susan Colleen Browne's website.
Mother Love, Susan Colleen Browne

Mother Love, a Village of Ballydara novel. On the wedding day of the only man she's ever loved, Grainne Larkin is keen for a fresh start — why not settle for the nice guy in the wings who's successful, and mad about her too? Just as Grainne is poised to get her future on track, her family pressures her to leave Dublin for the quaint little village of Ballydara, to help her mother launch a B&B. Susan Colleen Browne's website.
The Samaritan Trap

The Samaritan Trap. A reporter for the Bellingham Bugle in the Pacific Northwest, also delivers meals to the homes of the disabled and elderly. After three food clients are found dead in their homes, his bosses think his volunteer work is a conflict of interest. Suspended from work, he suddenly has a lot of free time and begins to investigate the deaths — with the dubious help of a hoarder who is also a compulsive conspiracy theorist. Richard Howland is the author. Order the book.
Reflections, Tom Villa Lovoz

Reflections. Poems, Scibbles, and Notes from the Soft Side of Old Age. Tom Villa-Lovoz lives and writes in Bellingham, Washington. Behind his house is a pond where ducks and frogs live. Like humans, the ducks get married and raise families. Later on the kids move out. Order the book.
Diversified Utility Services Inc., Accident Prevention Manual

Diversified Utility Services Inc. Accident Prevention Manual. For employees of the utility building company.
Diversified Utility Services Inc. Injury and Illness Prevention Program manual

Diversified Utility Services Inc. Injury & Illness Prevention Program. Employee booklet was included as part of the field guide to left.
Diversified Utility Services Inc. Safe Work Practices manual

Diversified Utility Services Inc. Safe Work Practices. Employee manual.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Grounding Manual

PG&E Protective Grounding Manual. All inclusive grounding manual for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
Dyspeptic Definitions

Dyspeptic_Definitions. by Igor D. Radovic. a collection—in dictionary form—of its author's many own definitions for a broad range of topics of general interest. A display of barbed humor and caustic satire, and a stream of prickly observations and grouchy opinions, it is a book that lives up to its title and will appeal to those not too reluctant to see life and themselves in a different and often less than flattering light. Available at Amazon and Kindle. Or order the book.

The Stamps and Postal History of Poonch, by George Harell. Poonch lies on the western side of Kashmir. It is separated from Srinagar by the Pir Panjal mountain range. The stamps were issued for legitimate postal purposes to meet the necessity of improved communication with British India and Jammu and Kashmir. The first issues were no longer in use, years before their existence was known to collectors in Europe. The stamps of Poonch are not only collected by those interested in the stamps, their history and exotic locale, but also by art collectors who are attracted to their bold use of color and abstract designs. Order the book.
Processing Emotions

Processing Emotions. A nice little book of haiku written by Starling David Hunter III to his wife while they were courting.
Builder Boards

Builder Boards. How to Build the Take-Apart Playhouse by Jack McKee. I rebuilt this book for the latest printing, it includes updated information. Builder Boards promote working together, develop creativity, encourage problem solving, and teach 3-dimensional thinking. They can be stored in a closet, and can be used inside or outside. A great project for the family to do together, and they last a lifetime. Order the book.
Century 21, The story of the Seattle Worlds Fair, 1962, facsimile edition

Century 21, The story of the Seattle Worlds Fair, 1962, facsimile edition. I produced the facsimile edition for Chuckanut Editions for the Espresso machine. Order the book.
The Collected Recipes of the Colophon Cafe, facsimile edition

The Collected Recipes of the Colophon Cafe, facsimile edition. I produced the facsimile edition for Chuckanut Editions for the Espresso machine, and found some great recipes. I did not do the cover. Order the book.
Graze and Guzzle, The Diners and Drinkers Guide to Whatcom County

Graze and Guzzle, The Diners and Drinkers Guide to Whatcom County. I did the prepress on the interior of this handy little guide, then I went out to eat at one of these places... I did not do the cover.Order the book.
Mischievous Max, A Teddy Bear Story

Mischievous Max, A Teddy Bear Story. Another fun children's book by Gene Bradbury. In Leon's room you will find many teddy bears. Most of them are soft and wonderful to take to bed. But there is one bear who Leon never takes to bed. His name is Max Bear and his fur tickles and his eyes are beastly. Visit his website.
Party Magic

Party Magic, A Workbook-Journal for Creating Memorable Celebratons. Wow this book is full of great ideas for parties of all kinds. Written as a fund-raiser for a much-loved Bellingham preschool by party master Abby Franklin. Order the book.
Gestalt as a Way of Life, Cyndy Sheldon
Gestalt as a Way of Life by Cyndy Sheldon. This book delineates a number of Gestalt Therapy principles and practices, offering some experiments for you to do. Cyndy Sheldon, MSW, BCD, who studied with Gestalt founder Fritz Perls MD, PhD, was one of the organizers of the original Gestalt Institute of San Francisco in 1967 where she taught for 25 years. Order the book.
The ABCs of Caregiving:  
Words to Inspire You

The ABCs of Caregiving: Words to Inspire You. by Nanette J. Davis, Ph.D. Are you one of the millions looking after a loved one who may never get better? Whether you're caring for a wounded warrior, a parent with dementia or your ill spouse (or know someone who is)... everyone needs a little encouragement and understanding. This book will help you along your journey—with ideas and insights from A to Z—it will be the pick-me-up you can't put down.. Order the paperback. Also available on Kindle.
Parkinsons Dreams about Me, Rick Hermann

Parkinson's Dreams about Me, My Dance with the Shaking Palsy by Rick Hermann provides an offbeat perspective on living with Parkinson's. Refreshingly self-effacing, sometimes lighthearted, neither overly hopeful nor hopelessly pessimistic, Hermann's volume of essays, poetry, and autobiographical sketches is merely honest and contains original insights, revealing a life in progress. I also did the ebook. Both at Amazon.
Haunted Fairhaven, by Taimi Dunn Gorman

Haunted Fairhaven. In "Haunted Fairhaven", local writer Taimi Dunn Gorman, explores the tales of these sightings through the testimonies of current residents and stories of the past. While researching 1890s' newspapers for murders, suicides, strange deaths and other occurrences, she brought in a team of psychics and photographers to investigate the places where it happened, and call out the supernatural beings that still reside there. Available at Village Books in Fairhaven, WA. Click here to order the book.
Echoes and Images, The Encyclopedia of Side-scan and Scanning Sonar

Echoes and Images, The Encyclopedia of Side-scan and Scanning Sonar. By Mark Atherton. Visit their website to order. First printing sold out. Now revised at 480 pages ... full color, more than 300 illustrations. A must-read for anyone who operates imaging sonar systems. I did the page design and layout, but not the cover.
Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook

The Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook is based on the five principles of Chocolate Yoga: A System of Yoga Techniques for Stress and Weight Management That Will Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit. We all know that life is often not easy, fair or fun. It is often messy, confusing and upsetting. Yet most of us are yearning for more peace, happiness and freedom in our everyday lives. And your answers are waiting within. Purchase the book.
Caregiving Our Loved Ones

Caregiving Our Loved Ones: stories and strategies that will change your life by Nanette J. Davis, Ph.D. You may not be able to alter the course of your loved one's illness, but you can change the way you care for them... and yourself. The stories will move you... the strategies will move you into action. If you read only one book this year, make it Caregiving Our Loved Ones. Filled with touching tributes and invaluable tips, you'll never look at caregiving the same way again. Purchase the book. I also did the ebook. Available at Kindle.
Hope LIves in a Garden

Hope Lives in the Garden, A tale of whimsy and healing by Helen Worley. A small book about big ideas. written from the perspective of a stuffed monkey named Nutmeg, the book explores the power of whimsy and gratitude in healing, challenging the conventional metaphor of fighting cancer as a battle. Helen and Nutmeg explore and discover a holistic approach through the metaphor of a garden. A book for people living with cancer, their caregivers and loved ones, professionals and anyone interested in healing. A story for all ages. Print and ebook. I also produced the ebook.
The Sun Followers

The Sun Followers — A Family Story by Tom Villa-Lovoz. A memoir spanning thousands of years was done for his family only. This is largely a fictional work, but, like all fiction, it speaks to the human condition, both collectively as well as individually, and has some basis in truth. Most of all, the words inside these pages are a tribute and an expression of gratitude to his parents and all his ancestors.
A Little Girl Named Nell

A Little Girl Named Nell by Nell Bannister. Nell's memories of growing up in the coal mining and logging area around Palmer, Selleck, and Kanaskat in Washington state. After her marriage, her husband and she were plane spotters and fire lookouts in the mountains soon after Pearl Harbor was bombed. A limited edition was printed for family and friends.

Gene Bradbury books

The Mouse Who Wanted to Fly by Gene Bradbury. Illustrated children's book. This is the second in a series of stories about a mouse with big ideas. Fergus was the first mouse to ride a Ferris Wheel, now he finds his way onto the Wright brothers' first airplane flight. Illustrations by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. Visit the author's website.
The Bluebird House by Rae Ellen Lee

The Bluebird House by Rae Ellen Lee. After a nearly fatal encounter with a moose and a terrifyingly close brush with middle age, Molly reassesses her life. She ends her stale marriage moves to a small mining town where she purchases The Bluebird House, an old bordello. Molly finds the German-born madam's diary in the walls and tracks down the true story of her predecessor, a sweeping tale filled with love and tragedy—and a diamond the size of a bluebird's egg. I also did the ebook. Visit Rae Ellen's website.
My Next Husband Will Be Normal, A St. John Adventurer by Rae Ellen Lee

My Next Husband Will Be Normal—A St. John Adventure by Rae Ellen Lee. Lee and her husband ditch their sailboat and fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands with a down payment for a mom and pop business on St. John. But there are risks to living in paradise one cannot anticipate. Soon after unpacking their flip-flops, the husband realizes he is really a she. Convinced the world needs more humor, Lee rations the angst in favor of the picturesque and absurd. Visit Rae Ellen's website to see other books by her. I also did the cover for "I Only Cuss When I'm Sailing" and rebuilt her website.
The Dodge: Guts, Glory, and Living at Full-Throttle

The Dodge—Guts, Glory, and Living at Full-Throttle by Anne Cutter Mikkelsen & Eduard Alden Mikkelsen. Mike found the Dodge D-19 Luxury Liner convertible when he was 17, but when he joined the service, he sold her and she was abandoned and laid to rest in a Montana coulee. Mike longed and connived; he strategized; and twenty years later risked it all, maneuvering the impossible to resurrect and restore his beloved Dodge to her original glory. I also prepared the ebook. Visit the website for more info.

Humblebee Bumblebee by Brian Griffin

Humblebee Bumblebee by Brian L. Griffin. The Life Story of the Friendly Bumblebees and Their Use by the Backyard Gardener. Learn the fascinating life story of the bumblebees. Attract pollinating bumblebees to your garden. Capture and observe your own bumblebee colony. Become a bee watcher: identify the bumblebees in your garden. A must-have book in every nature lover's library. Illustrations by the author.
The Orchard Mason Bee by
Brian L. Griffin

The Orchard Mason Bee by Brian L. Griffin. The Life History, Biology, Propagation, and Use of a North American Native Bee (Osmia lignaria propinqua Cresson). Everything you need to know about this native pollinator for our early spring flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Illustrations by the author. You too will want to make habitat suitable for them in your yard. Learn how.
My Life on Four Continents

My Life on Four Continents memoir by Peter van der Veen told to and edited by Sara Geballe of Memoircrafters. I did the book design, layout, and cover. Peter was born and raised on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. He spent three and a half years in six different Japanese concentration camps. Full of photos and stories. He later became an agronomist with the UN in the Middle East and Africa.
Music and Memoirs

Music and Memoirs by Sylvia Glass as told to and edited by Sara Geballe. I did the book design, layout, and cover.

Abraham Lincoln Sculpture

Abraham Lincoln Sculpture Created by Avard Fairbanks compiled by Eugene Fairbanks. This second printing in 2012 is a laminated soft cover 8.5 x 11" book. It features more than 160 photos with background information about the process of creating large sculptural monuments. To learn more about this book visit the website.
Children's Proportions for Artists by Eugene Fairbanks

Children's Proportions for Artists by Eugene Fairbanks. Studies are presented for figurative artists about the yearly growth and development of children of each gender from infancy to young adulthood. Illustrations are included with charts of about 130 representative measurements and proportions. 306 pages. Spiral or perfect bound.
Love, Your Mother. Like It or Not

Love, Your Mother—Like It or Not by James Sutherland. I did the cover, the website and the conversion to ebook. Visit his website for purchase choices.
Jan Willing books

Five tiny books by Jan Willing. Jan does things. Fun things. She got going on felting, and made some "people" who told her their stories. She wrote them down, and I insisted they each have their own little book. OK, they are only 4.25x5.5" and 12 to 24 pages... but they are small people, after all.

Pick-up Dogs, Kendall Whitney

Pick-Up Dogs is an adventure road trip book about the healing powers of dogs. Following two rescue dogs on their journeys—looking at the concepts of nature and healing through the prism of the iconic American road trip. The tales collected here tell stories about dogs' abilities to pick us up when we're down and to heal us by bringing us into communion with nature and restoring our ability to relate to the world.
Medicine and Meditation, Nancy Welch

Medicine and Meditation Conversations on Mindfullness in the Management of Chronic Pain and Illness. Interviews by Nancy Welch, MS. This book contains twelve interviews with prominent physicians, psychologists, Zen teachers, and those who suffer from chronic pain and illness, and tells how they are incorporating meditation into their medical management programs. Available at Village Books.
Dance Touring, by Teo Morca

Dance Touring, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Countless One Night Stands, by Teo Morca, renowned flamenco master. If you are an arm chair traveler and happen to love the dance, come on tour with Teo Morca as he remembers the coffee houses, theatres, night clubs, Vegas hotels, a Spanish cave, bull rings, and state fairs. Watch out for the cow pies! Car troubles, dressing rooms, wardrobe malfunctions, personalities, backstage emergencies... it's all here.
Chocolate Yoga, by Margaret Chester

Chocolate Yoga by Margaret Chester. Are you stressed, tired, unhappy and feeling out of control? Chocolate Yoga is a system of yoga techniques that anyone can do to address stress and weight management and will ultimately nurture your body, mind and spirit. If you can breathe you can do this yoga. Visit

From Both Sides of the River, Anne Cutter Mikkelsen

From Both Sides of the River, by Anne Cutter Mikkelsen. Anne grew up in a boisterous Irish Catholic family in Anoka, Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River. In awe of her larger-than-life parents, Mary Helen, a radio soap opera writer, and Darrah, a dashing WWII Navy flier and war hero who became an attorney and gentleman farmer, Anne and her seven siblings enjoyed an idyllic childhood... That is, until Anne turned 16, when her father vanished in the wilds of the Arctic. Also available as ebook at Kindle & B&N.
Ground Effect, Archie Satterfield

Ground Effect, A Great Adventure in the Great Land, by Archie Satterfield. When Grant West crashes on a lake high on the Juneau Icecap, his 15-year-old son is the only person who knows how to fly the only plane in the region that can land and take off from the small lake. The boy must find out if he is man enough for the job. ISBN: 978-0-692-01244-4. Available through

The Mouse with Wheels in His Head. Meet Fergus who wants to be the first mouse to ride the new Ferris Wheel. Follow Fergus and his extraordinary dream to see the 1893 Chicago Exhibition from the top of this marvelous new invention. Will a tiny mouse find a way to ride the Wheel to the top of the world? Can he do it without being discovered? Author Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrator Victoria Wickell-Stewart.Click for more info.
Wanderlusting, by Gary McWilliams

Wanderlusting, A Collection of Travel Stories by Gary McWilliams. Wanderlusting is one man's story, alternately funny and hair-raising, about his travels after he dropped out of graduate school in the 1970s. Gary McWilliams chose a working man's life, and worked side by side with an international cast of miners, sailors, and fishermen, crossing paths too with missionaries, smugglers, and revolutionaries. His unusual adventures will keep you turning the page.

Nuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Develpment

Nuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Develpment, Gail H. Marcus, The American Nuclear Society. A fascinating readable history for anyone interested in the nuclear industry. Nuclear Firsts is the first book to comprehensively trace the technical evolution of nuclear power development, both in the United States and elsewhere.
Big River Meadows, by W. David Jones M.D.

Big River Meadows, Eviction from Eden. A 1927 Montana Tragedy, is based on a true story. The gnarled 90-year-old rancher with dementia reverts to his 12th year, revealing a 78-year-old secret regarding his father's death and calls the tragedy murder. Paperback and ebook editions. Contact the author W. David Jones, M.D.
The Doukhobor People by Ken Morrow

The Doukhobor People, A Tribute to Good Citizens, by Kenneth A. Morrow, M.D. This is a sympathetc tribute to a hard-working people who, despite the hardships and anguish of their past, are respectful of that spark of goodness in each of us.
Crossing The Void, My Aphasic Stroke, Carol Schultz

Crossing The Void, My Aphasic Journey, by Carol Schultz.
After an aphasic stroke, Carol Schultz taught herself to speak again. This fascinating book tells the inner story of her experience. A remarkable recovery from brain injury. Learn more at her website.

Grasping Your Eternity, Kirt Wentz

Grasping Your Eternity. The Spiritual Pursuit of Thinking Three-Dimensionally, by Kirt Wentz. A memoir about his father, plus thoughts on life and faith in his God.
Executive Dad by A. Stan Barker Jr.

In Executive Dad, A. Stan Barker Jr. recalls the success of his father as a businessman but then contrasts this with his mixed success as a Dad. Along this fascinating journey one finds intriguing aspects of British Columbia and Yukon history as well insights on parenting.
Koma Kulshan by John Miles

Koma Kulshan, The Story of Mount Baker by John C. Miles. 2nd edition with revised information and more than 100 historical photos and maps. A good read for those with an interest in mountaineering. Available at Village Books in Bellingham, WA.
River of Angels, by Abbe Rolnick

River of Angels, a fascinating island novel by Abbe Rolnick. Contemporary issues of drug dealing, prostitution, urban growth, and environmental destruction are backdrops for this story of relationships where nothing is what it seems.
Sea Kayaking from Mountains to Ocean, Pacific NW

Sea Kayaking from Mountains to Ocean, Pacific NW watershed ecology. 8" x 9.5". Dan Baharav.
Letters from a Fairhaven Physician, 1890

My Darling Anna, Letters from Fairhaven 1890, The Life, Love & Legacy of W.R. Gray, Pioneer Physician. Brian Griffin and Neelie Nelson, 7" x 10". Visit Village Books website for more information.
Springer's Journey, orphan Orca whale relocated

Springer's Journey, Virginia Heaven (illustrator) and Naomi Black (author), 11" x 8.5" children's book. I helped make changes and repackage for the third printing.
Coloring book about sloths

A Peace of Sloths, coloring book written and illustrated by Jan Willing for the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, 8.5" x 11".

Tofu Ling, story of a creative mouse and his family

Tofu Ling, children's color story book. 11" x 8.5". Part of the Tofu Ling series of children's literature.
Tofu Ling, story of a creative mouse and his family

Tofu Ling and the Carp Banner, book two in children's color story book series. 11" x 8.5". Part of the Tofu Ling series of children's literature.
The Little Shmoolee, Mary Bulkley Stanton

The Little Shmoolee, by Mary Bulkley Stanton, illustrated by Vicki Wickell. 9"x6" children's book.

Waking up to Flamingos
"Waking Up to Flamingos," Flamingos and Friends. Their journal travels with the flamingos as fundraiser for cancer research. Eight years of Bellingham folks' journal entries, heartwarming and humane.
Little Farm in the Foothills
"Little Farm in the Foothills," Susan Colleen Browne. A charming account of midlife boomers realizing their rural dreams, as they turn a clearcut hill into their garden dream. Visit her website.
Widower's Guide to a New Life, Kenneth Morrow
"Widower's Guide to a New Life," Kenneth Morrow. Working with Ken Morrow and his editor, I performed the prepress work for the interior. This practical little guide will help a widower adjust to their new life.
Tell Her That You Wrote Them, 24 Haiku by Starling David Hunter III
"Tell Her That You Wrote Them," 24 Haiku by Starling David Hunter III. Formatted to PDF for online, and also Kindle. Contact the author.
A Marine in Teddy Roosevelt's Navy, Peter Willing
"A Marine in Teddy Roosevelt's Navy," Peter Willing. Contact author.
Blessed is She, Women and Eldercare
"Blessed is She: Elder Care, Women's Stories of Choice, Challenge and Commitment," by Nanette J. Davis, PhD.
6" x 9" POD. Visit her website.
Soundtracks for Learning, Chris Brewer
"Soundtracks for learning: Music in the Classroom," by Chris Boyd Brewer. Soundtracks for Learning is an essential, groundbreaking book on using music to enhance learning. 8.5" x 11". Visit her website for more information.
Chris Conrad, traditional Japanese persimmon dye process
"Kakishibu, Traditional Persimmon Dye of Japan," by Chris Conrad. A wonderful how-to book for the textile crowd. The only comprehensive guide to kakishibu in English. Learn how to use kakishibu on yarn, cloth, washi and wood. 8.5" x 11". Visit her website for more information.
Teo Morca Flamenco memories
I worked with Teo Morca to add more chapters and more photos to his 3rd edition of "Becoming the Dance, Flamenco Spirit."
Morca Method of Flamenco
Large format, hard or soft cover. I did editing, layout and typography on this latest Teodoro Morca book about his flamenco teaching method.
Lola La Pola
Teodoro Morca wrote Lola La Pola" for his kids. Now they are available for yours. Filled with line-drawings that can be used for coloring. Large type, good story about sharing. 8.5" x 11".
Dancing Eagle
Teodoro Morca wrote this story for his kids. "Dancing Eagle" is available for yours. A wonderful story of living with nature.The line-drawings can be used for coloring. Large type. 8.5" x 11".
Boulevard Park, and Taylor Avenue Dock on the old Bellingham waterfront, by Brian Griffin
"Boulevard Park, and Taylor Avenue Dock on the old Bellingham waterfront." Brian Griffin's latest book covers the history of Bellingham's most beloved waterfront park. The book offers the history of Bellingham's Boulevard Park and the waterfront it spans. A rich stew of Southside history from the very beginnings of settlement to completion of the popular Taylor Avenue dock and boardwalk. 7"x10" soft cover perfect bound. Contact the author to purchase.
The Compass of Light, volume 2
"The Compass of Light, Volumes I-VII" by Starling David Hunter III. I've typeset seven of a series. The first volume examined figures of speech. The second volume concerns etymology, the study of word origins. The third volume covers the sense of direction used in the Great Invocation. The fourth speaks to poetics. Contact the author.
Water Finder's Guide, Bob Mooers
"Waterfall Finder's Guide, Western Washington Series, Northern Counties and Olympic Peninsula", by Robert Mooers, shows where the best waterfalls are, with maps and descriptions on how to get there.
50 years in nuclear power: a retrospective, Salomon Levy
"50 Years in Nuclear Power / a retrospective", by Salomon Levy. Hardbound. I did prepress and worked with Quantum Publishing Services Bellingham, WA. American Nuclear Society is publisher.
Pobrecito, by Stanley Samuelson
"Pobrecito, (Poor Little Boy), Been Everywhere Except the Electric Chair, Seen Everything But The Force Behind The Wind" by by Stanley Samuelson. This 6 x 9" softcover perfect-bound book tells the story of the author's life experiences from the early depression days up to today. Railroading, mining, oil patch in Alaska, and commerical fishing among many other employment escapades makes a fun page-turner.
The Lost Love Chronicles, Nancy Kalish, Ph.D.
Author of "Lost & Found Lovers," Nancy Kalish, Ph.D.'s 2nd book "The Lost Love Chronicles" is about lost love and reunions. For sale as a PDF on her website. Visit her website. I also formatted the book for sale on Kindle.
Verse by Arlene R Wechezak. Photographs by Jack H Seeley
Verse by Arlene R Wechezak. Photographs by Jack H Seeley. Print on Demand. Contact the author.
The Gift of Roots, Dorothy Morrow
"The Gift of Roots," features the stories of adopted children who as adults discovered their biological parents.
Boyhood In Nelson
This 6 x 9" softcover perfect-bound book is now available. Working with Ken Morrow and his editor, I performed the prepress work for the interior. Now in its third edition, the book is enjoying wide success. Recently reprinted in a Large Print Edition. I did not do the cover.
Leaving Nelson by Kenneth Morrow
"Leaving Nelson, Beyond Toad Mountain" by Kenneth A. Morrow. This 6 x 9" softcover perfect-bound book by the author of "Boyhood in Nelson" continues the memoir. I performed the prepress work for the interior. I did not do the cover.
Ladies of Easy Virtue by Kenneth Morrow
"Ladies of Easy Virtue in the West Kootenay, Regional History in a Global Context" by Kenneth A. Morrow. This 5.5" x 8.5" softcover perfect-bound book by the author of "Boyhood in Nelson" and "Leaving Nelson" offers insight into the history of prostitution in the Kootenays. I performed all prepress work for the interior. I did not do the cover.
Comfortable for Life by Kenneth Morrow
"Comfortable for Life" is the latest book by Kenneth A. Morrow. This is a 5.5" x 8.5" softcover perfect-bound book. I performed all prepress work for the interior. I did not do the cover.
Kanji and Codes, Learning Japanese for WWII
Irwin and Carole Slesnick spent several years compiling information about the Japanese language schools set up before and during World War II. Contact them about this interesting book.
Prince Ezrick and the Morpheus Curse
Jordan McMakin, has published her first novel in the Prince Ezrick series. Look for more from this motivated young author.
Lincoln Sculpture by Avard Fairbanks
This hardcover 8.5 x 11" book features more than 160 photos, some in color, with background information about the process of creating public monuments. To learn more about this book and others check out the website.
Human Proportions for Artists
A book of particular interest to students and serious amateurs discusses human proportions; includes profuse illustrations and tables of about 120 representative human measurements of both male and female figures. This 232-page book 8.5 x 11" is available with a spiral binding. A 2012 abridged version in laminated softcover is available.
Successful Search Engine Copywriting
I helped Heather Lloyd-Martin complete her ebook "Successful Search Engine Copywriting, How To Write Prime Positioned Webpages That Convert Like Crazy". Learn the secrets to SEO copywriting.
Cruising to Alaska, Tips for Skippers
Bob Duke saw a need and filled it. This 8.5 x 11" book is fill of first-hand information about taking your boat to Alaska. Twenty skippers contributed their tips and tactics for taking personal watercraft into Alaskan waters.
Brothels of Bellingham, history
Curt Smith DDS, gathered information, gave presentations, and finally wrote this little book about the history of prostitution in Bellingham up to the end of WWII. The Whatcom County Historical Society acted as publisher with Curt. It has proven to be a very popular local book.
Alkire biography
Service Above Self, a Biography of Durwood L. Alkire. I worked with a local editor to design, format, and prepare this book for the printer. The book was written by Alkire family members about their dad. Full of pictures chronicling a life well lived.
An American Sin
I worked with Fred Su to design and prepare the cover of this book for the printer. Check out his website if you are interested in buying this award-winning book.
AOL CD Collecting
This is a 5.25 x 8.25" softcover perfect-bound book. Working with author Sparky Haufle, I performed the prepress work for interior and designed the cover. Sparky supplied good copy and all the scans.
Hip Hop Poetry and the Classics
Hip Hop Poetry and the Classics for The Classroom, was written by Alan Sitomer and Michael Cirelli to connect our classic curriculum to Hip-Hop poetry through standards-based language arts instruction. The goal is to make the academic study of poetry accessible, relevant, comprehensible and enjoyable to students in our contemporary, multicultural classrooms.
The Hoopster
I did the original prepress for this book for Alan Sitomer. Taaron Silverstein designed the cover. I also did prepress for "The Teacher's Guide to the Hoopster." It is an 8.5 x 11" workbook for teachers who would like to use "The Hoopster" as a class assignment; it is available thru his website. Disney bought the rights to both these books and has now republished them.

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